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Investment Management

Trying to decide how to invest for your future? 

Understanding and managing the bewildering array of investment types and opportunities available is a major project.

In today’s complex marketplace, even sophisticated investors are challenged to stay current, monitor their investments, and respond appropriately to rapidly changing conditions.

We work with individuals and families to create and manage an ideal portfolio in accordance with the client's objectives. We use asset allocation to integrates the proper blend of stocks (domestic and international), bonds, REITs, and other investments targeted towards those objectives. These investments are actively managed and supported by institutional, professional strategists.

We create a customized, detailed investment proposal for each client's consideration. Once approved, we set up the investments as agreed. Then reports are generated on a regular basis to help the client monitor investment performance.

We support investment management clients with:

  • An emailed newsletter with commentary on the market.
  • An annual, in-person meeting to address life changes, issues, and market concerns.
  • Quarterly phone check-ins.

Our general consultation process is:

  1. Discovery meeting. We meet with you to learn about your goals, concerns, and finances. Afterwards, we consult with portfolio strategists to devise appropriate solutions for your situation.
  2. Investment plan review meeting. We meet with you again to discuss the recommended asset allocation approach. The portfolio is rebalanced and reallocated to meet any changes you make.
  3. Mutual commitment meeting. We review the updated portfolio and you decide whether we are the right fit to help you.
  4. Follow-up meetings. We meet with you at your preferred intervals using your preferred method (in-person, by phone).

Visit the Financial Industry Regulatory Association (FINRA) web site to learn more about investment advisers.