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What to Expect from Us

We strive to build a solid relationship that meets your expectations, builds your financial confidence, and manages the impacts of the changing world on your resources and options.

The core of our approach to managing clients' investments is:

Identifying a satisfying lifestyle within your financial reality

Keeping your ideas clearly in focus, intelligently adapting to change as needed.

A disciplined investment process

The process we use to manage your investments is just as critical as the goals you are targeting. We work with you to determine the factors that will help you get the results you desire. We cultivate the principles that keep you centered in times of volatility.

Goals-based, customized investment strategies

We connect your needs with the skills of our investment partners. Solutions occur when we all communicate accurately. The objective is to organize your portfolio with chosen strategies for income, growth, and safety.

Active, institutional-quality money management

We affiliate with highly competent investment partners who are researched annually and monitored quarterly to insure disciplined systems are prudently implemented.

Ongoing portfolio monitoring and regular progress updates

Strong and open communication with our clients is something we never take for granted. We always look for ways to serve you better.

Diagram showing the Five Cs of Client-Advisor Compatibility: Character, Commitment, Competency, Chemistry, Communication

The Five Cs of Client-Advisor Compatibility

Trusted advisors are part of your life support system. The challenge is finding someone who is a good fit, that is, compatible with your thinking, priorities, communication style, and outlook.  We desire that same compatibility and help our clients assess the quality of the relationship. We want you to be confident in the strength of our support. Our clients say these five key aspects are very important to them:

  • Competency: Are you comfortable with aspects of the financial advisor's practice such as strategies, processes, and fees?
  • Character: Is the advisor's behavior congruent with the philosophies he/she espouses? Do you believe in the advisor's integrity and honesty?
  • Chemistry: Do you enjoy spending time with the advisor? Do you come away feeling more confident about your financial situation?
  • Communication: How skilled is the advisor at truly listening to you? Does he/she explain financial concepts and strategies in a way that educates and empowers you or that intimidates you?
  • Commitment: How committed is the advisor to his/her own professional development and research into today's complicated financial environment?