Women in Transition

Women in Transition Facing Divorce or Widowhood

What Is a Transition?

Transitions are those periods of an individual’s life in which “what was” no longer exists and “what will be” has not yet taken shape. Transitions are temporary states, but that does not mean they are short-lived. By their very nature, transitions have broad-reaching implications. There is change in finances, important relationships, where to live and how to live.

At Waterstone Financial Services, our unique contribution is our focus on women who are experiencing—or expect to experience—major changes impacting their current and future income potential and financial security. These can include divorce, death of a spouse, remarriage, retirement. Life becomes very different.

The Financial Impact of Transitions on Women

The loss of a partner is often part of the woman’s journey. We know that most women will outlive their partners by more than 5 years. The average age of a widow is 56. Divorce statistics are disturbingly high.


Upon the death of her husband, the widow’s life is uprooted from relationships to finance. Confusion and grief begin with the diagnosis of a terminal illness or word of his sudden death. The confusion can last at least a year before the widow feels clarity and peace. Yet ongoing life requires attention. Distractions, details, and emotions demand attention when the widow may not have the experience or skills to handle them with confidence.

Insurance settlements can be sizable and are intended to provide for ongoing needs and future security. Handling this sudden responsibility wisely adds to the widow’s decision-making stress.


Divorce catches both partners in new roles with divided asset and liabilities. Incomes shift. Assets need attention. Liabilities need strategies. Life is in the midst of reorganization in search of forward traction. Making life work now as well as building a financially secure future requires new decisions in an undefined world.


Inheritance is family legacy. It’s how one generation takes care of others when they are no longer there to do so personally. Stewardship of these loving gifts requires thought about the opportunity for now and later. This requires contemplation, conversation, and strategy to wisely implement family intentions or consciously craft a new plan.

How We Help You

Kathy Roth’s background, training, and experience brings knowledge and forward progress to every woman navigating life shifts. She guides you through each step as an advisor and a sounding board, reducing your stress and anxiety about money decisions and expanding your ability to address the opportunities presented in life ahead.

Contact Waterstone Financial Services for a complimentary initial consultation.

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