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Find Financial Calm With Waterstone Financial Services

Will I Have the Money I Need?

We strive to help each and every client come to confident terms with that question. It’s about keeping eyes on life ahead and finances within guard rails.

The core of our approach to managing clients’ investments is:

  • Identifying a satisfying lifestyle within your financial reality. Keeping your ideas clearly in focus, intelligently adapting to change as needed.
  • A disciplined investment process. The process we use to manage your investments is just as critical as the goals you are targeting. We work with you to determine the factors that will help you get the results you desire. We cultivate the principles that keep you centered in times of volatility.
  • Goals-based, customized investment strategies. We connect your needs with the skills of our investment partners. Solutions occur when we all communicate accurately. The objective is to organize your portfolio with chosen strategies for income, growth, and safety.
  • Active, institutional-quality money management. We affiliate with highly competent investment partners who are researched annually and monitored quarterly to insure disciplined systems are prudently implemented.
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and regular progress updates. Strong and open communication with our clients is something we never take for granted. We always look for ways to serve you better.

Women In Transition

Over time, we have found our clients sometime need different support from us. Although life-enhanced financial planning benefits men and women alike, Kathy’s primary focus is women in transition. These clients are redefining their lives—financially, emotionally, even physically and logistically when a change of residence might be required.

Women who find themselves in uncharted financial waters need additional attention in the form of:

  • The comfort of an understandable investment structure.
  • Solid investment strategies that are well-monitored.
  • More education to support the wide variety of decisions, many unfamiliar, with which they are coping.

We offer women in transition:

  • A process to help them cope with and manage their new financial reality.
  • A sounding board as part of their life support system.
  • An impartial ear to test thoughts and ideas that may impact family dynamics or friendships.
  • Access to our strategic partners for needs such as tax and estate planning services that need to coordinate with investment strategies.

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