Client Support Services

Our clients often need someone to advise them beyond their investment strategies, especially when they are experiencing a major life event, like selling a company or retiring. Other events such as the death of a spouse also call for more support as the surviving spouse deals with family finances.

Our clients look to us to help educate them on what financial decisions they will need to make and where they will find those answers. Our specialty is helping our clients ask the right questions.

Coordination with Other Professionals

Clients often need the help of two or more of the professionals involved with their lives such as a CPA, attorney, or insurance agent.

We are happy to be involved in these discussions and often recommend professionals to help insure all the advice is in sync with their changing financial plan. This can include areas such as:

  • Insurance Advice
  • Health Care/Long-Term Care Cost Planning
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Tax Coordination
  • Higher Education Planning
  • Estate Planning Preparation

And finally, sometimes you just need a good plumber or roofer or painter. We can refer you to good sources for those needs too.

Widows Mentoring Widows

Please visit our Widows Mentoring Widows page to find out about Kathy Roth’s initiative to empower widows to lean into life, rebuild resilience, and make a positive difference in society.

Good Decisions by a Smart Family

Here’s the data:

  • USA Today (8/24/17) Career-Builder survey: 78% of full-time workers said they live paycheck-to-paycheck, up from 75% in 2015. Overall, 71% of all US workers said they’re in debt of which 56% said they were over their heads. Stresses: Student loan debt, job shrinkage, mortgages.
  • Sales of new homes plunged July 2017 (WSJ 8/24/17). This discussion focuses on shortage of affordable homes. Part of the problem is high land costs and construction costs make for higher priced homes. Affordable housing does not have enough profit margin.

Add these two articles together, and we know that individuals need to make solid decisions based on clear family values that are reinforced by family philosophy and smart role models.

We add our efforts for client well-being with an initiative called Smart Family. We share ideas for best practices that we know adds strength to family finances. There is less room for error going forward.

We’re working on providing experiences, tools, and education that help families talk about their money, their values and strengthen family connections in our turbulent times. We also plan to share ideas for best practices that we know adds strength to family finances.

More info to come on our Smart Family Program!

College Assistance Plus Seminars

What would it be worth to have a knowledgeable professional spend time with your college-bound high school junior or senior to discuss the assessment of their own interests, talents and gifts relative to the college experience?

This service prepares your student for the experience ahead by navigating college funding, reviewing class selections, reviewing semester grades, and coaching the campus experience. What are the odds that your student will have these in-depth discussions with you, the parent?

We recommend this service for families with college-bound students currently in grades 9-12. Visit College Assistance Plus and view the many scheduled events in September and October throughout Monroe County (NY). The goal is happy, successful, efficient students…priceless!

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