How will your checkbook be fed?
Established in 2005, Waterstone Financial Services is designed to help clients answer this key question before, during, and after major life transitions such as career transitions, retirement, divorce, death of a spouse, and others.

Where we shine is our ability to work with you as a thinking partner who understands your hopes, dreams, goals, and fears and helps you connect your money with your life.

As a base we offer general financial planning (CFP®) with attention to the customary financial aspects of risk, asset allocation, and portfolios. We are committed to expanding our capabilities beyond that with ongoing wealth plan training. We added life planning skills via Kinder Institute for greater understanding of the integration of life aspirations and money implementation. Our unique contribution is transitions planning skills to help our clients navigate life changes as well as financial changes.

To accomplish this, we have carefully thought through and continually refine processes to:

  • Gather meaningful data.
  • Format a clear plan.
  • Test the probability of success.
  • Implement solid strategies.
  • Report clearly and accurately.
  • Help you understand what it all means to you.

The Five C's of Client-Advisor Compatibility

Trusted advisors are part of your life support system. The challenge is finding the good fit that is compatible with your thinking, priorities, communication style, and outlook.

We desire that same compatibility and help our clients assess the quality of the relationship. We want you to be confident in the strength of our support. Our clients say these five key aspects are very important to them:

  • Competency: Are you comfortable with aspects of the financial advisor’s practice such as strategies, processes, and fees?
  • Character: Is the advisor’s behavior congruent with the philosophies he/she espouses? Do you believe in the advisor’s integrity and honesty?
  • Chemistry: Do you enjoy spending time with the advisor? Do you come away feeling more confident about your financial situation?
  • Communication: How skilled is the advisor at truly listening to you? Does he/she explain financial concepts and strategies in a way that educates and empowers you or that intimidates you?
  • Commitment: How committed is the advisor to his/her own professional development and research into today’s complicated financial environment?

Kathleen Roth

Kathleen Roth, CFP, Waterstone Financial Services

Kathy’s specialty is helping her clients navigate the uncharted financial waters that result from major life changes such as divorce, death of a spouse, relocation, and others.

In particular, she focuses on helping women going through such transitions develop a clear sense of financial direction and strategies.

Her clients are able to live their lives with more confidence and comfort as a result.

Kathy has been a financial planner since 1979. She is a Certified Financial Planner®.

She is also a Certified Financial Transitionist (CeFT)® through the Financial Transitionist Institute. Kathy’s training helps her to effectively guide her clients through the financial decisions that come with navigating major life changes, especially widowhood.

Prior to forming this company with Joshua, she worked with IDS (now Ameriprise), PaineWebber, Sage Rutty & Co., and Waterstone.

More information about Kathy’s background and career can be found on her LinkedIn profile, her Kathleen-Roth-Cambridge-ADV 2011, and on the Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. Form ADV.

Joshua DeJohn

Joshua DeJohn Waterstone Financial Services

Joshua’s passion is solving the financial puzzles that unfold in clients’ lives. He excels at finding investment solutions that coordinate their financial resources with their dreams and plans.

He manages their investments with an eye to other important factors such as required minimum distributions, taxes, and ease of access to funds.

Waterstone clients realize financial calm in Joshua’s capable hands.

Joshua has a BS in Finance from SUNY at Fredonia.

Before forming this company with Kathy, he has been a business/financial analyst and planner since 1989 with American Express Financial Advisors, Sage Rutty and Company, and Citibank, NA.

More information can be found on his LinkedIn profileForm ADV Brochure Supplement and on the Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. Form ADV.

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