• Life Changes

    Life Changes

    What challenges, opportunities, gains, or losses do you think you will encounter in life? How will they shape your plans and dreams as well as your money? You can count on us to help you organize your thinking and navigate through changes large and small.

  • Five C’s of Client-Advisor Compatibility

    Five C’s of Client-Advisor Compatibility

    What’s the best way to decide whether a financial planner is the right one for you?

    We use a model we call the “Five C’s of Client-Advisor Compatibility.”

    We are happy to discuss each aspect with you to help you decide whether we are a good fit for you.

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  • Welcome to Waterstone Financial Services

    Welcome to Waterstone Financial Services

    Life’s main money challenge is to live a meaningful life with an enjoyable lifestyle and to have our money last as long as we do.

    We understand two critical changes about money. The personal side of money is increasing in priority. The technical side of money needs expertise to address the increasing complexities. We help you with both sides of the story.

    At Waterstone Financial Services, we are your thinking partners who bring experience and expertise to navigating your life’s transitions and their impact on your financial investments.

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  • Our Commitment to Women

    Our Commitment to Women

    We believe an economically independent woman can be a force in her world.  Her independence may be within a partnership or as single woman. She has developed an integrated philosophy about life and money that guides her into the future for herself, her family and her community as she defines them. When her life changes dramatically, we are there to advise, support, and guide her through the personal and financial impacts toward a better future. Learn More


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Life Changes and Money

Life Changes and Money

What life changes are on your horizon? As your thinking partner, we help you navigate both the expected and unexpected and their impact on your finances.

Women in Transition

Women in Transition

We focus on women who are experiencing—or expect to experience— major changes impacting their current and future income potential and financial security.

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